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Eddee is your school engagement specialist. We assist schools to create positive change both within and beyond the school fence. We understand that every school is unique and we take the time to understand your...


Eddee is your schools business engagement specialist. The education sector is a unique marketplace, there are over 12,000 schools in Australia representing an attractive opportunity for many businesses.  However, it is not an easy market...

About Us

The Eddee team work with schools and businesses across Australia. Our head office is based in Melbourne, however, we have team members and clients in NSW and Victoria as well as a number of clients...

Building On A School Community’s Common Ground

While diversity is getting a lot of consideration, it is most often what we have in common that provides the foundations on which we can... Read More "Building On A School Community’s Common Ground"

Who’s decision is it – the changing structure of schools

Ten, even five years ago school Principal’s had far greater autonomy in the operation of the school and the selection of business partners and suppliers. ... Read More "Who’s decision is it – the changing structure of schools"

Understanding the Australian Schools Market

Many businesses falsely assume that schools are an easy target market.  They see schools as homogenous, numerous, contactable, well-funded and recession proof.  The reality is... Read More "Understanding the Australian Schools Market"

Engaging a new generation of parents

Lots of school leaders talk about the difficulties in engaging parents post COVID. While COVID was certainly a circuit breaker, a bigger factor might be... Read More "Engaging a new generation of parents"