Eddee is your schools business engagement specialist. The education sector is a unique marketplace, there are over 12,000 schools in Australia representing an attractive opportunity for many businesses.  However, it is not an easy market to access with over 40 different segmentations each with distinctive characteristics and challenges.

The main market segments are:

  • State
  • Sector (Government, Catholic, Private
  • Type (Primary, Secondary, Combined)


Eddee takes our business partnerships seriously and will not work with a partner’s direct competitor. Subsequently, Eddee is selective about who we partner with; spending time getting to know potential partners before committing to work with them.

The nature of each partnership is collaborative with the scope of the engagement depending on the business’s internal capability and the size of the opportunity and nature of the challenge presented in the Australian schools market.

Eddee has helped businesses from a range of industries including financial services, manufacturing, health and philanthropy.

Eddee provides tailored engagement services to businesses that help them to prioritise the most relevant combination of state, sector and type of school and then engage with those sectors and decision makers in a respectful and cost-effective manner. 

Eddee helps you build lasting relationships with schools.


“Eddee was able to understand our business objectives quickly and provide clear achievable strategies to unlock our growth goals.” 
James Pods” Podsiadly, CEO and founder of AFL Max

“Andrew and Kristen came highly recommended to me years ago because of their expertise in the school market and business. This is the second time I have engaged their services and again, they have exceeded my expectations. They are genuinely interested in your business, your goals and aren’t afraid to make recommendations which make you stop and think – hard. Your business will grow in new and better directions from partnering with them. Their ability to engage and motivate my team at our retreat was incredible. They depth of knowledge and their passion is evident from everything they bring to the table. But I love this about them. Just like they were highly recommended to me, I highly recommend them to you.”

Bel Smith, Founder The Root Cause. 

“Living Ripples is getting to the heart of the community and recognizing everyone for who they are and what they have to contribute to the world. It is truly a unique program that will continue to organically grow and change the lives of many. Thanks for all you both have done – it’s very inspiring.”

Liz Phillips, Co-Founder of Living Ripples, the Phillips Foundation

Delivery Partners

The School Photographer is Eddee’s preferred photographer and printing and promotional video partner.  With decades of experience and long term commitment to schools,  https://www.theschoolphotographer.com.a are experts in 360 Virtual School Tours, promotional school videos [website and even cinema quality], live streaming school events and multiple marketing solutions including marquees, fence , pull-up and teardrop banners and much more! All of which play an important role in community engagement.

Insiightful is Eddee’s preferred partner for data insights and process automation. With a unique approach to data structure and analysis, www.insiightful.com.au are experts in making data meaningful ensuring that Eddee creates well informed community engagement strategies for the schools we partner with.

LifeNav is Eddee’s preferred partner for supporting social issues that cross the school fence. With a commitment to navigating youth through life, www.lifenav.com.au bring expertise, understanding and pragmatism to enrich the Eddee Collab experience and help create practical solutions to complex and sensitive local issues.