Collabs (ke ‘laeb) short for collaboration: a situation in which two or more people work together to create, achieve or promote.

Our Collabs (collaborations) help unlock solutions to issues schools have identified and are struggling to address, particularly when the issues are both complex and involve multiple stakeholders.  

We bring an outside perspective and a deep understanding of schools combined with professional facilitation skills to create a friendly, collaborative and productive workshop environment that creates the first step on a path to positive change.

Collabs bring together the best of all the participants to create better outcomes in shorter timeframes than cannot be achieved by any other method.  Our collabs provide an important step in the right direction. We offer three levels of workshops ranging from half day to two days (adapting to your school timetable) that ensure we engage with the school and community appropriately and take the time to understand the issues and align stakeholders to a productive path forward. 


Every school faces issues within their own context, so that even common issues require unique solutions. We understand that real change won’t happen unless it is undertaken in the right way. Too often we see schools and communities jumping to implementing a solution before they have properly understood the complexities and context of an issue.

  • Where there is an isolated issue impacting on a single stakeholder group (e.g. students), we have short-form collabs that will fast-track the way forward.
  • Where there are overlapping issues and multiple stakeholders, we have long-form collabs that combined with pre and post work establish a positive way forward.
  • For the big issues we have the hackathon collab.  Inspired by the IT industry the hackathon creates an environment in which problem identification and understanding are a key part of finding the best solution.