Student enrolments underpin every school; fairly or unfairly community sentiment can turn very quickly for and against your school. Eddee partners with schools to engage their communities and help secure their future enrolments.

Parents and carers choosing a primary school for their eldest child receive an abundance of unsolicited advice, opinions and peer pressure. The actual decisions have three main themes which will be prioritised differently by different families and often between family members.

These are:

  • A sense of belonging at the school
  • Trust in the capability of the school
  • Ability to pay for and rationalise fees

Eddee provides school engagement services to schools in ways that adapt to the unique qualities and circumstances of every school. Part of this is helping school leaders to assist key stakeholders to understand the importance of community engagement.


Review of Community Engagement

Outcomes of the review are both insightful and actionable including:

  • Highlighting key factors that are impacting on school engagement and enrolments
  • Recommending how the school can:
    • Build its reputation in the community
    • Improve its branding and materials
    • Increase its enrolments
    • Optimise its enrolment processes